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About Stochastic Futures

This website is dedicated to building an understanding of leadership, forecasting the future, and frameworks/models for doing so. It’s influenced heavily by books like Superforecasting and speeches like Charlie Munger’s A lesson in elementary worldly wisdom.

The website is run by Wojciech Gryc, and you can reach out to him on LinkedIn or by e-mail.

Wojciech’s Bio

Wojciech Gryc works on meaningful, existential problems that have technical solutions. Most recently, he was the CEO and cofounder of Canopy Labs, where he launched an AI-driven customer data product, grew sales from $0 to millions per year, raised VC funding, and exited the company to Drop Technologies.

He is an investor in companies building autonomous crop-dusting fleets, disruptive cemeteries, AR glasses, and more. He’s a Rhodes Scholar, Loran Scholar, YC alum, and former McKinsey consultant. Outside of work, he’s a reader and ultramarathon runner.

Wojciech works on world-class challenges, which you can read about here: If you are working on any of these challenges, please reach out.